We encourage the submission of papers intended for publication in peer-reviewed journals, proceedings or edited books.

As a general rule, only CETRAD's researchers and their corresponding co-authors may submit their work to CETRAD Working Paper. For CETRAD's external researchers, prior to submission to the series, papers need to be proposed by a CETRAD Research Coordinator and have approval of the editor.

To submit a paper

  1. Create a PDF version of your paper, complete with figures, according to the Submission Instructions for the author(s).
  2. Be prepared to provide the following information:

                       - Author-Name
                       - Author-Email
                       - Author-WorkPlace Designation
                       - Title
                       - Keywords
                       - Classification-JEL
                       - Abstract
                       - Length

  1. Submit the paper using

[Note: In the case of several co-authors, you have to provide the information on the first three lines for each author.]

Citation Information

When your working paper appears in print, please notify with a full citation, including the new title (if applicable), journal or book, volume number, year, page numbers and publisher.