INNPORT – Optimization of the aging process of Tawny Port Wine

Start: 2017-01-01 | End: 2017-12-31

Value: 359803.63 €

CETRAD Value: 0.00 €

Financier: PRODER

Research Group: Society , Territory, Resources and Policies

Research Line: Agri-food Systems, Forest and Sustainability in Rural Areas

Geral Coordinator : Maria Fernanda Gil Cosme Martins (UTAD)

CETRAD Coordinator: Ricardo Jorge e Silva Bento

Members Involved:

Carla Maria Correia Mascarenhas ; Ricardo Jorge e Silva Bento ;


UTAD - Universidade de Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro ; Vallegre, Vinhos do Porto S.A ;

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This project, in partnership with Vallegre, Port Wines SA, aims to optimize the aging of Port wine. The Tawny Port wine aging process in the conventional way is a multifactorial process, held in wooden containers with different volumes, attest and correction of the alcohol content of the vessels is carried out with wine and brandy certified as well the number of racking and cycles temperature. All these factors will have a decisive influence on the Tawny Port wine aging process. The time required to reach the sensory and color profiles defined for this Ports category is also dependent on all the variables described above, requiring the monitoring of the wines based on highly subjective parameters, this is essentially based on sensory evidence. The possibility of establishing a relationship between the variables that affect aging, quality and speed of obtaining this would represent an economic added value and quality for the sector. Thus this project aims the optimization of the Tawny Port wine production process based on models developed for process monitoring in real time to anticipate the evolution of the Tawny Port wine in its different stages of aging.